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Ball therapy exercises

The ball is one of the simplest and most affordable tools for restoring hand mobility.

Use soft balls to train strength and hard balls to restore coordination.Try using balls of different sizes and hardness to improve your workout.

1. Power grip. Squeeze the ball with all your fingers.Try to squeeze with your pads and fingertips.

2. Pinch grip. Squeeze the ball between your thumb and the rest of your fingers. Squeeze it rhythmically on both sides.

3. Training the thumb. Roll the ball up and down the palm of your hand, bending and extending your thumb.

4. Rolling the ball on the table. Roll the ball over the surface, rolling it with your entire palm, from wrist to fingertips.

5. Squeezing with the palm. Hold the ball in the palm of your hand and squeeze it with your fingers. This exercise differs from the power grip in that you must focus on squeezing the fingers inward. Imagine trying to press your fingers directly into your palm.

6. Thumb rotation. Using your thumb in a circular motion, rotate the ball in the palm of your hand.

7. Squeezing with fingers. Squeeze the ball with any two fingers of one hand. Alternate fingers.

8. Rolling the ball. Roll the ball from side to side using your thumb.