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Hand recovery is a component of restorative medicine and includes rehabilitation after operations on muscles, tendons, joints, and bones, as well as the development of joints after injuries resulting in immobilization of the hand with plaster or orthosis. The purpose of these activities is to restore the function of the musculoskeletal system and return a person to a full life.

The need for hand rehabilitation after injuries is associated with prolonged immobilization of the injured segment, which leads to limited mobility of the joints, atrophy of the muscles of the problem area, circulatory disorders, and normal metabolism substances. Тhe lack of measures aimed at restoring the limbs increases the period for a person to return to a full life, and in some cases may lead to a restriction in the movement of the hand or even a complete loss of function. When one joint is affected, the problem extends to adjacent to the problem area.

Indications for the development of joints after injuries and operations are:

  1. immobilization with plaster after bone fractures for more than 4 weeks;
  2. operations on tendons, muscles, and nerves;
  3. operations on bones using and in the presence of metal structures;
  4. operations on the joints;
  5. orthopedic diseases leading to stiffness of the joints;
  6. preparation for operations, endoprosthetic, because in some cases, a fully functioning joint/joints are required for more effective surgical treatment (otherwise, the meaning of the operation is lost).

In most cases, subsequent rehabilitation will consist of several courses of various procedures, which include:

  1. physiotherapy procedures, where each method of physiotherapy has specific goals at different stages of the rehabilitation course after injuries and operations;
  2. specialized massage of the injured segment with adjacent areas to improve metabolism and blood circulation in the problem area and restore atrophied muscles;
  3. manual development of the joint to increase the degree of movement in a particular joint,
  4. mechanotherapy of the hands, when fixing the limb, continuous movements are carried out in the joint to increase the degree and consolidate the already achieved result.

For the average person, any discomfort, complication of mobility, and the appearance of seals in the area of ​​​​the hand should be a signal for a visit to the doctor. Diseases of the hands in an advanced stage may not respond to treatment. But at an early stage, the problem can still be solved with the help of therapy.