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Pain in the hands is often experienced by people who have their hands in one position for a long time (dentists, musicians, programmers). Prolonged stress and monotonous load lead to a deterioration in the microcirculation of the blood of the wrist joint, a violation of its nutrition. As a result, the cartilage loses its elasticity, deforms, and hurts.

Pain is a result of injuries, bruises, and dislocations. With a fall or increased physical exertion, a tear of the tendon fibers occurs. The pain is often accompanied by swelling and reduced joint mobility.

Pain in the joints of the hands is a symptom of a whole list of diseases that should not be ignored. Lack of timely treatment can lead to deformity and loss of function of the hand.

Taking painkillers brings temporary relief but does not eliminate the cause of the pain.

Treatment results of hands pain in the joints

Treatment depends directly on the disease, the symptom of which is a pain in the joints of the hands. For example, for purulent lesions, the doctor will prescribe antibiotic therapy, and for rheumatic lesions, anti-inflammatory treatment (usually non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), and in some cases, immunosuppressive and hormonal therapy. For injuries, various types of surgical treatment are used.

The hand treatment results often depend on the nature of the disease. In addition, you need to take into account: age, heredity, type of tramp, and many other factors. Even in young patients, wrist injuries, especially complex multiple fractures, do not heal completely. Sometimes, in order to obtain satisfactory treatment results, a long course of rehabilitation is needed.

With diseases of the joints, everything is much more complicated. In a neglected state, especially in older people, such diseases can no longer be treated and it all comes down to taking demineralizing drugs and maintenance therapy. The functionality of the brush is only partially preserved. Often these diseases are hereditary. It is important to regularly and timely undergo examinations in order to identify the disease at an early stage. Then there is a chance for a full recovery.

The hand is a very complex and fragile mechanism in the human body. In addition, it is the main working tool. Hand diseases are difficult to treat. Therefore, patients are required to fully comply with the doctor’s instructions and devote a lot of time to physiotherapy.